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"Non-Compete" Agreements

Mr. MacLean has extensive experience assisting clients with “non-compete” agreements.  A “non-compete” is a general term often used to refer to agreements that include post-employment restrictions such as non-competition, non-solicitation of clients, non-solicitation of employees, and non-disclosure of confidential information.  Each of these types of restrictions are treated differently under the law.  The law in this area is not only highly specific but also developing quickly.  It is important that organizations and individuals utilize legal counsel that is familiar with this specific area of the law.

Mr. MacLean prepares, revises and reviews "non-compete" agreements.  Before signing a "non-compete" agreement, individuals should consider retaining counsel to review the agreement under consideration.

Mr. MacLean also counsels clients regarding the enforceability of existing agreements, and represents clients when there is a legal dispute regarding an existing agreement.  Such representation may include preparing a cease and desist letter, negotiating with opposing counsel regarding the enforceability of an agreement, or filing a claim in court regarding the enforceability of an agreement.